Don’t Ignore Marketing Contacts That Don’t Have Email Addresses – Let Our Virtual Assistants Help

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November 4, 2019
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Don’t Ignore Marketing Contacts That Don’t Have Email Addresses – Let Our Virtual Assistants Help

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If you are like most practitioners, you probably have several marketable contacts that don’t have the one necessary item for today’s digital marketing – an email address.

Think about it – the elderly, those who are not connected to the digital world, low-income patients or clients who have no easy access to the internet – these are your contacts who may be outside of your electronic marketing efforts because they have no email address.

Including them in your marketing plan would be too labor-intensive, as they would require paper mailings. Print, fold, address, stamp and deliver – your staff does not have time for these tedious administrative tasks.

Virtual Assistants – Our Marketing Solution for Contacts without Email Addresses

Here at Blue Orchid Marketing, we have developed the perfect solution for marketing to hard-to-reach contacts.

Our Virtual Assistants, or VAs, process and fulfill paper mailings that are exactly the same as your email marketing campaigns.

Here’s how it works:

  • We create a drip email campaign, or a holiday card greeting or any other type of communication, specifically for your business. Think of an email campaign to thank new clients or patients for their business, a recall campaign for patients who should be seen again based on their specific diagnosis, time-sensitive information for those who have been in a car accident or a Happy New Year card.
  • We load our database with information on your contacts. You can decide if you want the mailing to go to all your contacts or just a subset, for example, those who have visited your office for heel pain.
  • Your communication goes out electronically on the date that you prefer.
  • While distributing the email, if our system finds a contact record without an email address, it generates a task to create a hardcopy letter.
  • Every day, your dedicated Virtual Assistant will check his or her task list and takes care of the hardcopy mailing for you! We use your return address label so the mailing appears to come right from your office.

Your staff does not have time to handle paper marketing tasks. Our VA service is on the job! We will keep your marketing mailings going behind the scene, letting you and your team do what you do best – deliver excellent service to your patients and clients!

Ask Us About Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

Blue Orchid Marketing offers custom-written marketing elements designed to increase your bottom line.  We also focus on external marketing by placing your practice on more than 70 local online directories and writing weekly custom blogs and social media posts to ensure your practice is found on internet searches.  That’s more than 40 posts a month … it’s a service you need to stay competitive!

Need a website?  Live chat?  Adwords?  We have the solution!

To learn how our internal marketing solutions can put money in your pocket and our internet presence solutions and websites can help you to attract new patients and clients, please call us at 203-746-5901 – ask for Danny – or send an email to We’ll create a package that’s right for you!