Don’t Overlook These Effective Digital Marketing Tools

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February 9, 2018
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February 22, 2018
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Don’t Overlook These Effective Digital Marketing Tools

In the past few weeks, we’ve give you some practical solutions to start your marketing year off right. Digital marketing techniques like blogging, social media postings and drip email campaigns can really boost the results of your marketing strategy – especially if they’re coordinated via your 2018 editorial calendar!

Here are a few more electronic marketing tools to slot into your marketing calendar. These cost-effective database marketing solutions use your database of existing and potential customers to produce personalized marketing communications.

E-Newsletters. An e-newsletter is simply a newsletter delivered electronically, via email. A monthly e-newsletter is a great way to supplement your blogs and social media postings by delivering relevant content directly to your readers. A well-designed and written e-newsletter will have thoughtful and intriguing content. A couple of articles that educate readers about your services or industry along with fun mini-topics like local events, recipes, puzzles and relevant quotes will both promote your brand and entice readers to learn more at your website.

E-Blasts. Do you have urgent practice news to share with your customers? Has there been a recent legislative development or medical breakthrough that you would like to share? An e-blast is an email campaign of just one piece that is developed and distributed for maximum effectiveness. Topics should be narrow so your message is captured on one page.

E-Cards. Simply put, an e-card is an electronic greeting card! The opportunities for a quick greeting are endless, from seasonal cards for traditional and out-of-the-ordinary holidays – think Fourth of July and Election Day – to personalized birthday greetings on that special day. Include a flashy image to catch the eye.

E-Book. E-books or e-guides incorporate valuable information on a topic related to your services. For example, a personal injury attorney could create an e-book about “What Happens After a Car Accident” while a foot doctor may offer “All About Heel Pain.” E-books are typically offered for free, in exchange for the customer’s contact information and email address. Once the e-book is written, add it to your website and then just sit back and collect more contacts!

One more thing – don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating all this content! Topics and articles can be recycled in different types of digital marketing communications. Stay tuned to our blog for tips on how to reuse content smartly to maximize your content creation efforts.

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