Drive Readers to Your Website With These 3 Neglected Social Media Tips

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September 21, 2017
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Drive Readers to Your Website With These 3 Neglected Social Media Tips

Are you utilizing social media to market your practice – in the best way possible?

You may have a presence on multiple social media platforms, but if your social media efforts aren’t “smart,” your efforts may be unrewarded.

Here are 3 social media tips that you may have neglected as you build your online marketing strategy. These can really help boost traffic to your website.

Optimize Your Postings for Each Platform

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have widely different posting requirements. It’s definitely not “one size fits all,” so make sure that you tailor your postings to each media.

Twitter has its character limits so be sure to add 2-3 hashtags for greater reach. can shorten embedded URL links to conserve character count. Add relevant images for increased engagement.

Facebook is for connections between family and friends. Use a friendly tone – just as you would speak to a friend – and always include plenty of links to your website or blogs.

Instagram is highly visual. Create an image and stick to it for consistency. Keep captions conversational and add lots of hashtags.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are not just clever phrases to highlight or summarize your feelings about a topic. They also serve to catalog and link to relevant content. For marketing, hashtags also build authority and brand awareness.

Do your homework to find which hashtags are used most frequently in your industry or service area. Then use them! The result is that when a reader uses the hashtag, your linked content will pop up and lure them to your website.

Build the Conversation

Potential patients and clients want to know that there is a person behind your digital presence. Always respond to comments or questions on your social media sites. Try asking questions and see what the results may be.

Even if your services deal with serious medical or legal issues, it’s okay to include some light-hearted and captivating content to entertain as well as educate. Throw out a photo and ask followers for an appropriate caption. Ask readers to contribute their “Top 5” favorite fall memories or childhood books.

Build your brand while building your website traffic – it’s a win-win for everyone!

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