Edit Your Blog: 7 Editing Tips for Successful Marketing Blogs

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Edit Your Blog: 7 Editing Tips for Successful Marketing Blogs

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You’ve chosen a marketing blog topic and finished writing it. You ran a spellchecker to catch spelling errors. Maybe you even used a free grammar checker like Grammarly to check for other errors.

Ready to publish? STOP!! Just because you’ve checked spelling and grammar, you still need to edit your blog to catch unnecessary thoughts, sloppy language and careless formatting.

7 Smart Editing Steps

  1. Let it rest. First of all, put it aside for a while – for an hour or two, or even a day. Your critical eye will be more alert when you look at your blog with a fresh viewpoint.
  2. Stay focused. Does your blog start strong with a single idea and then meander to smaller, unrelated points? All your sub-points should tie back to your message. If you find anything that doesn’t support your main point, edit it out.
  3. Make your headline capture your readers. Without an attention-getting headline, a reader coming upon your blog in search engine results will just scroll on. Your headline should grab a reader and make them want to learn more. A headline should identify your topic but also intrigue readers to continue. Think about the types of headlines that interest you like those that begin with “How To …” to help solve a problem.
  4. Write a strong introduction. After your intriguing headline, you need compelling language to persuade them to read on. Introduce your topic with a startling fact or statistic, or promise a solution to their problem to hook your audience.
  5. Include a persuasive call to action. You want each marketing blog to compel the reader to take action, whether signing up for your e-newsletter, taking advantage of a special service discount or learning more about your practice. Include links to relevant pages of your website so your reader can learn more about your practice.
  6. Edit for readable format. Long blocks of text will turn off even the most diligent reader. Break up text with headings and sub-headings that accurately and succinctly describe the following content. Use bullet points to draw attention to quick data hits and to make your content scannable. If your title has numbers such as “Top Ten Ways to Ease Heel Pain,” make sure you have ten numbered points.
  7. Add finishing touches. Include images, quotes or screenshots to add more interest to your words and best illustrate your points.

As a final check, read your blog out loud or ask a colleague to read it through. Run one final spell and grammar check and you are ready to post!

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