Email Marketing: 8 Ways to Build Your Contact List

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January 29, 2020
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Email Marketing: 8 Ways to Build Your Contact List

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Email is a powerful communication tool and is still a major player in the world of digital marketing. There are more than 244 million people in the U.S. who regularly use email! Don’t miss out on this cost-effective, practically instantaneous way to sell your practice.

To market your business via email, you need email contacts. This article offers easy to implement methods for collecting email addresses.

8 effective methods of collecting email addresses

  1. Place a voluntary email sign-up sheet at your reception desk and instruct your staff to mention it to each patient or client.
  2. Add sign-up capability to your website and not just in one spot. Put sign-up opportunities on your homepage, contact page, site header and “About Us” page.
  3. Create a landing page to persuade website visitors to sign up. When readers “land” there, they can subscribe to your emails. This technique can also help you segment your contact list, or link an email address to a specific interest or demographic. For example, if a reader clicks through to a landing page that discusses heel pain, you can direct specific emails about heel pain solutions to them.
  4. Don’t ask for too much information – you may scare away a new contact. Of course, the minimum is an email address but ask for a name too so you can personalize your emails. Asking for more in-depth information may deter some readers, but those who follow through will be more serious about your services.
  5. Always use an “opt-in” process where your email service provider sends a confirmation email to new subscribers to make sure they want to be on your list.
  6. Offer an incentive so potential customers will want to see your emails in their inboxes. Examples for service providers include a product from your in-office store, free consultation, a free e-book or e-newsletter.
  7. Include email sign up opportunities on social media posts and your blogs to capture a wider audience.
  8. Act promptly to build a relationship when an interested reader signs up for emails. The easiest way to do this is to create an autoresponder that will automatically be sent to a new email address. Your autoresponse should guide the new subscriber back to your website in a series of 4-7 emails spaced out over a few weeks.

Keep your email contact list relevant by analyzing your unsubscribe data. What types of contacts are unsubscribing? This data can help you refine your email marketing methods.

As you build your email contact list, create drip email campaigns to solicit potential customers. Let us show you how effective email marketing campaigns can be to increase your conversion rate.

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