6 Ways to Enhance Your Video SEO

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January 12, 2021
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6 Ways to Enhance Your Video SEO

video SEO

Video SEO is not the same as what you’ve come to know as regular SEO. But video SEO has changed pretty significantly over the past few years, which is why we’re going to talk about it today.

Video SEO is optimizing your video to rank on the search results pages for relevant searches.

6 Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search

  1. Use the correct video hosting platform. When selecting your video hosting platform, consider the reasons why you want your videos to rank. Is it to gain new leads and site traffic, or is it more about brand awareness?
  2. Include a video transcript. The text that is included with your video is known as a video transcript. They help your videos reach a larger audience because there’s additional text on the page.
  3. Your thumbnail image must engage. The video thumbnail plays a significant role in whether people click or not. Think of your thumbnail image similar to how you view the cover of a book or the homepage on your website. It needs to be relevant, beautiful, and compelling.
  4. Consider the description and title of your video. As with a blog post, the meta description and title factor into ranking videos. So, take the time to create an engaging video description and title that targets keywords that people are searching.
  5. Make sure the balance of the page is relevant and optimized for SEO. Ask yourself if the page relates to the video in question or if it is generic. If the page is generic and the video is just thrown on there, the chances of it ranking are low.
  6. Embed the video that you want to rank first on the page. Google usually indexes just one video per page. If you’re incorporating several videos on a page, make sure that video is first.

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