Top Facebook Updates – August 2020

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August 28, 2020
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Top Facebook Updates – August 2020


.Facebook has been working at full speed to improve their social media platform with updates after people worldwide have experienced enormous changes and uncertainty in their lives over the past few months.

As we discuss the updates, you’ll also see that they have recently worked diligently to promote inclusivity, transparency, and diversity.

Important Facebook Updates and Their Impacts

New Sponsored Posts for Facebook Groups: Facebook groups are taking top spots in newsfeeds, and users are engaging with them in record numbers. They’re now reviewing potential revenue opportunities for those who run thriving communities. Soon you’ll be able to create brand partnership posts in Facebook groups.

New Educational Hub Roll-Out: Facebook has just rolled out a new Educational Hub just in time for students heading back to school, either remotely or in-class. It contains several free educational resources designed to help teachers, students, and parents alike including:

  • Anti-racism resources;
  • Mental health resources and self-care strategies;
  • A digital learning program that includes lesson plans and online activities for students;
  • An option to start or find a group of like-minded students, parents, or teachers.

Improvements for Accessibility: Accessibility is a huge concern, as plenty of users need support when using social media sites from accessibility devices like screen readers or by using keyboard-only navigation.

Some of the accessibility improvements just made by Facebook include:

  • Scalable font sizes to improve readability;
  • A new application programming interface to ensure that relative headings are always applied in the correct descending order;
  • Debugged keyboard commands to make full keyboard navigation possible;

New Page Follow Settings: Facebook is testing notification options that make it easier for users to get updates from Pages and the brands they want to see most. When following a Page, users can choose to be notified for highlights or all posts, videos, live content, and offers.

New Paid Online Events: To help small businesses recover, Facebook has created a feature called Paid Online Events. These allow publishers, businesses, creators, and educators generate direct, quick income. Page owners can create paid online events that users can attend for a fee.

Removal of 1,000 Targeting Selections: Facebook is removing features because they’re either not used regularly, or because they’re like other targeting options.

We can’t wait to see what features come next, can you?

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