Happy Birthday Hashtag!

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September 7, 2017
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September 21, 2017
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Happy Birthday Hashtag!

Hashtags have been around for 10 years! These happy little words or phrases, preceded by a hash or pound sign (#), are used on social media to identify messages on specific topics.

10 years ago Chris Messina, now a product designer in San Francisco, wanted to create a social media signal so Twitter users could see only those tweets that interested them. He asked fellow Twitter users how they would like adding a pound sign before a topic that would allow them to link directly with postings from many users on that specific topic.

For all you trivia buffs, the first hashtag that Messina threw out to his followers as an example was #barcamp, a workshop event popular amount those in the technology industry. Now to celebrate his invention, there’s even a #hashtag10 out there.

Today, hashtags are pervasive in social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. And of course you don’t need hashtags to do a filtering social media search, but these potent devices effectively bring a community together in real time.

Effective Hashtags Will Boost Your Social Media Visibility

Using hashtags in your social media marketing messages can amplify your brand, target your market, expand the reach for your organic content and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Brand hashtags are composed of your practice name or tagline. Create one that is unique to your business and defines what you do. Use it consistently throughout all social media, websites, blogs and other online content. For example, #BlueOrchidMarketing.
  • A campaign hashtag is a temporary one that can be used for a specific event or promotion. Find a word or phrase that is unique to your short-term marketing campaign. For example, #SeptemberFreeFootExam.
  • Content hashtags are those that you use in your posts that are related to your content. Using content hashtags improves the SEO of your posts and helps with the visibility of those posts for customers searching for the hashtag word or phrase. Content hashtags can be for products, services, lifestyles or events. For example, #PersonalInjuryAttorney.


Remember always to check social media for your proposed hashtag to see if it has been used before and in what context.

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