This Holiday Season Will Test Retailers’ Online Strategies

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November 11, 2020
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November 18, 2020
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This Holiday Season Will Test Retailers’ Online Strategies

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Experts all agree that 2020 will be the year online shopping blows up and online growth will be off the charts. Online sales for sellers of popular gifting categories, such as health and beauty, electronics, fashion, and home furnishings will enjoy a boost this season.

Here are 3 emerging growth trends to leverage this year.

Increasing pressure on the retail supply chain. This trend is putting a great deal of pressure on retailers because they need to pull resources out of stores and transfer them into fulfillment centers to process the unanticipated large volume of orders.

Many physical supply chain manufacturers will not be able to manage the flood of orders and deliveries. Retailers are boosting their capabilities, including an option to buy online and pick up in the store, but 2020’s holiday season is going to be a stress test for the retail supply chain manufacturers.

Personalized customer engagement. Another factor that retailers need to address is the expense of unproductive online marketing. Many retailers are shocked when they analyze the actual cost of converting an inexpensive digital lead into a customer.

Retailers should utilize readily available consumer data to personalize their online communications and customer engagement strategies. It pays off to personalize the customer experience so their inboxes aren’t flooded by random messages. Almost half of consumers report that they are more apt to purchase from retailers that send them personalized content and offers.

These personalized communications show that the company understands each customer and isn’t simply grouping them with a lot of others based on some random data point.

Consumer loyalty. A basic human necessity is to be understood and people need that in their relationships with brands and retailers. Demonstrating a real understanding of every one of their customers will be rewarded.

With the correct, pertinent customer data available in an organization, you can deliver personalized offers and messages, so the customers get what they want precisely when they want it. Retailers that do this will be more successful in securing business this holiday season.

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