How to Increase Your E-Newsletter Read Rates

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November 26, 2019
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How to Increase Your E-Newsletter Read Rates

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You pour a lot of time and energy into your digital marketing pieces and your e-newsletter is no exception. But how can you make sure that recipients of these emails actually open and read them?

An e-newsletter is an email communication designed to inform your contacts of the latest news, updates or tips about your practice and your industry. E-newsletters may be distributed weekly, monthly or quarterly and help keep your subscribers connected and informed.

E-Newsletters vs. Blogs: Both Are Important

An e-newsletter is different from a blog in that it is directed to a specific group of people. Blogs sit on your website to be enjoyed by anyone. While blogs are usually quick, educational or entertaining hits, e-newsletters can go into your subject material with more depth and help position you as an industry expert.

Marketing hint: Use both blogs and e-newsletters! With different target audiences and topics, you’ll be getting broad digital marketing coverage with excellent and original content.

How to Get E-Newsletter Recipients to Read Your Articles

Whether you already have an e-newsletter that may need revitalizing, or you want to add an e-newsletter to your marketing toolkit, here are some tips to create a document that will intrigue your readers:

  • Use a Dynamite Subject Line. Avoid a generic subject line like “ABC Podiatry Newsletter.” Yawn – that subject line is too easy to bypass in an inbox. Instead, hint at the great content that you are sharing such as “ABC Podiatry Newsletter – Amazing Winter Foot Care Tips.”
  • Keep Your Content Focused. Drill down to a reasonable topic instead of something too broad. For example, write about teenage distracted driving rather than teenage accidents, or winter foot care rather than general foot care. Try adding supplemental smaller articles that are related to your main topic.
  • Be Reasonable when Promoting Your Practice. Aim for 90% informative content with 10% devoted to selling your business. Don’t overwhelm your e-newsletter with “Me, Me, Me” as that will turn off your readers. However, if you have exciting news to announce such as adding a new partner or introducing state-of-the-art treatment technology, go ahead and brag!
  • Include a solid and strong call to action statement. Use keywords from your newsletter content and link to relevant pages on your website. Include links to related blogs and icons for your social media pages.

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