How to Keep Your Website Fresh

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June 10, 2020
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June 19, 2020
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How to Keep Your Website Fresh


If you want more visitors to your website, you need to keep it fresh. Stale content, outdated technology, and a dated design can make visitors move on in search of more timely content, a site that loads faster, and/or a website that doesn’t look like it was created in a bygone era.

Keeping it fresh will also help you secure new visitors. Content that is frequently updated is crawled more frequently by search engines, so your site won’t get buried by newer results. Staying up to date with the latest technical principles like mobile-friendly design and fast-loading pages can also help your site’s search results.

Here are our tips for keeping your website fresh:

  1. Keep your content fresh with a calendar. Your content is what visitors come to your site for, regardless of whether it’s new photos, videos, or blog posts. If you aren’t already using a schedule for creating and adding new content to your site, start by making a content calendar.
  2. Update older content. More fresh content circulating means your collection of older subject matter increases. You can get more views for your older content by updating it and linking to it in some of your newer posts. Create reminders in your content calendar to update this content every 6 to 12 months.
  3. Repurpose older content. Think about how you can repackage older content in order to grow your audience. You could turn the basic information into a slide deck or an infographic to share on social media or create a video based on your post to share on YouTube and social media.
  4. Monitor your keyword data. Review your Google Search Console data to see which keywords are bringing the most visitors to your site. If your content doesn’t already include the most popular keywords your visitors are searching with, it’s time to update some of your content to include those keywords.
  5. Update the design of your website. Keep in mind that it’s not only your content that you want to keep fresh and interesting. The look of your site gets out-of-date over time, too, particularly to visitors who frequent it often. It may be time for a design makeover if:
  • Your site doesn’t look good on mobile browsers;
  • You’re rebranding your business or your blog;
  • You’re adding a substantial amount of new functionality.
  1. Upgrade the functionality of your website. As a site owner, you need to stay on top of SEO best practice principals, so your site doesn’t get overwhelmed by newer, faster alternatives. Regarding speed, it’s smart to test your most important pages for mobile and desktop speed regularly.

Is it Time to Refresh Your Website?

Regular updates will help you keep up with your visitors’ expectations for current content, visual interest, and a site that meets today’s performance standards. Ready to freshen up your website today?

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