Intriguing Social Media Smippets that Can Help Communicate Your Brand

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August 22, 2019
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Intriguing Social Media Smippets that Can Help Communicate Your Brand

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Smippets? Yes, you read that right – that is not a typo.

A “snippet” is a small piece or fragment, such as a snippet of a news story. Well, today we are coining a new word and it is “smippet.” A smippet is a social media snippet – in other words, a quick, brief social media story.

From time to time, we will bring you what we feel are intriguing and relevant “smippets.” Today we have three from the diverse worlds of college sports, manufacturing and community protection.

Tennessee Sports

Kellen Hiser, associate director of social media strategy for the University of Tennessee athletic program, has one directive from his boss: “Create a love affair with our fans.”

Hiser did just that when he created TMUtv focusing on the phrase “Turn Me Up.” He saw a need to crank up their social media volume when the UT Vols were trailing other teams in Instagram followers.

The beauty of TMUtv is its diversity, offering content such as quotes from the movie Elf and a karaoke team sing that help break up videos of actual athletic games.

In the words of UT’s associate athletic director for communications, their social media success is attributable to Hiser’s ability to generate consistently compelling and engaging content while balancing sensibility and personality.

Smippet takeaway: Always educate your reader, but let your personality and practice culture shine through – and don’t be afraid of showing your sense of humor.

Tesla Takes Advantage of Free Advertising

Tesla is an automotive and energy company that manufactures electric cars among other products. How does Tesla market its products? Through word of mouth.

Tesla’s advertising is primarily provided by fans and customers, so the firm doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars promoting its products. These fans provide free advertising with many YouTubers creating videos about their Teslas. A community of Tesla-related YouTube channels has 250 million subscribers and their videos have more than 400 million views!

More free advertising comes from Tesla owners who video electric travel adventures from all over the world.

These are today’s referrals – via social media. Tesla offers perks including free Supercharging for owners who use referral codes for new buyers.

Smippet takeaway: Social media sharing is today’s word-of-mouth referral. Encourage your clients and patients to refer family and friends to your business with discounted services or a drawing for a coupon from a local shoe store.

Fire Department Offers Monday Motivation

This fire department doesn’t only put out fires – it offers encouragement at the start of every week with its Facebook Monday Motivation.

The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority posts a weekly photo with a motivational word printed across it along with a short message, always ending with “Have a great week everyone. Stay safe.”

One recent Monday Motivation used the word Team spread across a photo of firefighters getting the job done. The brief message? “We may have our differences but when we “gear-up” we share the same purpose and have the same goals. Have a great week everyone. Stay Safe.”

Many of the ideas and photos for Monday Motivation come from the firefighters themselves and break up normal fire safety pieces along with emergency information.

Smippet takeaway: Ask your staff for social media ideas and photos. This will help put a human face on your practice. Solicit ideas that spotlight your business’s culture with themes like Team, Charity, Leadership, Compassion and Community.

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