Listing Management

Local Listing - Our Simple Solution to Optimize Your SEO

Make your business visible, monitor reviews, and attract new customers easily.

Google, Google Maps, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp.

It doesn’t matter which map app, voice assistant, search engine, GPS system, or social network consumers use to find and engage with your business. What does matter is that your customers discover accurate, complete, and compelling information in all areas that they search.

Blue Orchid Marketing puts you in control of the facts about your business across 70 + local directories.

Our direct integrations enable us to manage all the facts about your brand in these directories, ensuring that consumers find accurate information regarding your business.

Your business appears in hundreds of places across the web and keeping them up to date requires a great deal of effort, which most of us don’t have time to dedicate.

Blue Orchid Marketing is part of the new way to entirely manage your business listings; our team accesses our platform, giving us the capability to have your business directly integrated with all these listings.

With our directory management, you will get the confidence that people will see your latest and most up-to-date information. Our platform helps you avoid dealing with each individual listing, logging into each of these listings individually to update your business information. This information is also updated in real-time.

Benefits to having accurate listings:

  • A higher ROI for your business because your consumers will be able to find you.
  • SEO value increases by including accurate and up-to-date information that web crawlers can read.
  • Improves Artificial Intelligence (AI) searches for your business.
  • Establishes and promotes your brand.
  • Helps you to market your brand to a larger clientele.

Extra monitoring

  • Ensure maximum visibility for your business by keeping your listings free of duplicates.
  • We keep a close watch on how your business performs with search rankings and your competition and keep you appraised with quarterly reports.
  • All publisher suggestions initiated by outside sources get resolved.
  • Featured messages are created bi-monthly to show the search engines that you are updating and alerting your audience about the services you offer.

Powerful content

Your business is so much more than a name, address, and phone number. Our platform gives us the capability to add a wide variety of content to your listings, from logos and photos to whether you offer delivery, have split hours, require appointments, and much more.

Update one time and it updates everywhere

As in the past when you had to update listings individually, you will no longer have to do that task ever again. Many of you may have never done it. Now all you do is email your assigned account manager and they will take care of the rest for you. Whether you have a last-minute hour change for your business or a last-minute closure because of weather, just contact us and we will update your information.

Search performance

Managing your location listings isn’t only about the data we update, but the data reports that we prepare will give you an accurate view of your search performance. Blue Orchid Marketing gives you quarterly reports so that you can see the results for yourself. We keep track of all this data for you to make your life easier!

Blue Orchid Marketing can help you with your local listing! Call us today for a free consultation!