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February 21, 2016
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March 6, 2016
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Market Your Practice with an E-Book

If you don’t have a free e-book available to your potential customers via your website, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

It’s a simple idea – a reader sees an offer for a free e-book on your website and submits their name and email address. Your system then creates an email with a link to your e-book. By providing this free information, you’ll:

  • Showcase your professional expertise
  • Educate others and solve a problem for them
  • Capture reader information for follow-up marketing like your blog, e-newsletter and related email marketing campaigns
  • Build relationships so that when your reader has a problem, they’ll remember your practice

E-books are economical too, as there are no printing, storage or mailing charges. Just set up your system, add an eye-catching book icon on your homepage and the e-book distribution takes care of itself.

Choosing an E-Book Topic

Consider your audience when thinking about what kind of e-book to offer. If you’d like to develop your pediatric services, provide an e-book on foot care for children. With a more senior patient base, offer information on how diabetes relates to foot care. To appeal to a broader audience, incorporate topics that emphasize health and preventive tips in addition to clinical treatments.

Do you focus on Social Security cases or personal injury law? Consider adding an e-book on “Social Security Disability Appeals” or “10 Important Things To Do if You Are in an Auto Accident.”

Free information is irresistible! Adding one or more e-books to your marketing toolbox will provide a valuable service and promote your practice at very little cost.

You Don’t Have To Write your E-Book: We’ve Done It for You!

Writing a book from scratch can be a daunting task – let us write it for you! At Blue Orchid Marketing, we have a library of e-books available in both English and Spanish that can be customized to your practice. Sample topics include “Heel Pain,” “Foot Care for Babies and Children,” “Foot Surgery” and “Diabetes and Foot Care.”

Each e-book has 12-16 pages and is packed with relevant, insightful content on your chosen topic. We’ll customize your e-book with your unique title and cover image. Typically, the e-book begins with a bio about you and, adding a personal touch, an introduction written by you on why you wrote the book. Keywords throughout the text will link the reader back to more information at your website.

E-Books Are Just Part of Our Unique Marketing Tools

Blue Orchid Marketing offers custom-written marketing communications designed for your business needs. From Reputation Management to Google Ads, Social Media Marketing to E-Mail Marketing. Our team here at Blue Orchid Marketing can help you to focus on more than 69 local directories, provides weekly custom blogs and social media posts to ensure your practice is found organically across all search engines.

To learn more about our service, please call us today at 203-746-5901 or visit us online at Blue Orchid We are here to help you build a stronger relationship with your clients, grow your business and provide you marketing solution customized to your business needs. Contact us today for more information on our services.