Marketing Blogging Do’s and Don’ts

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December 6, 2017
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Marketing Blogging Do’s and Don’ts

Are you getting the most use out of your marketing blogs? Are your blogs as effective as they can be at attracting and converting readers into customers?

You may be wasting valuable time if your marketing blogs don’t resonate with your target customers and push them to learn more about your practice.

Here’s our list of “do’s and don’ts” for marketing blogs:

• DO speak to your audience. All your content should be geared to both current and prospective clients and patients. Put yourself in their shoes and create content that will intrigue them and also drive them to learn more about you.
• DON’T focus exclusively on your technical services. You want your audience to know what your practice offers in terms of services, but always write to educate a reader. Readers read your blog with the purpose of learning and bettering their lives, so always make your content educational.
• DO format your blog to attract the eye. Break up large text segments with subheadings and bullet lists. Add photo and graphic images for visual appeal. And always make sure your content works for mobile devices.
• DON’T focus on the sale. Yes, you want to convert readers into customers, but a hard-sell of your services won’t do it. Always include a call to action but don’t make that the focal point of your piece.
• DO add links to help your readers. Always link to relevant content on your website, but it’s okay to link to other websites too. Aim for educational websites with URLs that end in .org for non-profits, .edu for educational institutions and .gov for government sites.
• DON’T forget consistency. Keep up with your publishing calendar or readers anticipating your newest blog will look elsewhere. Consistency counts with tone too – speak to your audience in a friendly, readable fashion to keep readers engaged.
• DO offer a broad range of topics. You don’t have to talk about technical services in every blog. Instead, consider what your target audience would like to see. A dentist could blog about healthy after-school snacks; a podiatrist could include points on fashionable footwear that is also comfortable; a personal injury lawyer may write about storm preparedness.
• DON’T forget to create a conversation. Open up a dialog by asking your readers to leave a comment or ask a question, and be sure to reply publicly to demonstrate your interest.

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