Marketing During Uncertain Times: Our Top 5 Tips

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Marketing During Uncertain Times: Our Top 5 Tips

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One of the most significant questions businesses are asking us today is how they can connect with their customers or patients during these uncertain times. With self-isolating, remote working, and social distancing becoming the “new normal”, there’s been a shift in the marketing model.

The following are our top 5 marketing tips to keep in mind during these uncertain times.

  1. Reassure your customers.Today, remaining relevant to your customers’ needs means reassuring them about how your business is reacting to the current situation. Use a calming, reassuring tone to deliver a positive message with warm, embracing visuals.
  2. Strengthen your relationship with your customers. The most important thing to remember is that you need to communicate regularly. Today’s customers want a relationship with the companies they do business with for a more personable experience. If you do not already have regular ongoing communication with your customers, now is the time to start.
  3. Infuse empathy into your messaging. Now more than ever marketers need to ensure they are including empathy in their marketing communications. It is a key part of connecting with prospects and customers. And staying in contact with compassion and innovative new programs will encourage loyalty and create happier customers.
  4. Reflect on your company values. Staying top of mind is all about creativity. While keeping authenticity and creativity at the core of their company values, marketers should consider thinking about relevant, new ways to engage your customers, employees, or clients in today’s uncertain times.
  5. Reaffirm your commitment to staying for the long run. Because many are reacting in the moment of anxiety and fear, you need to modify messages to be focused on your customers. Step back from the hard sell and provide messaging that reiterates your commitment to be there with them over the long term, through thick and thin.

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