Marketing with Social Media: Generation by Generation

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December 3, 2018
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Marketing with Social Media: Generation by Generation

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Are all social media channels built alike? Absolutely not. In fact, not only do various social media platforms look different and operate differently, but they also attract diverse groups of users. And that includes readers based on their generation.

Who is your audience? Who are your targeted readers? The answer to those questions can help guide you to the right social media channel for the generations you want as patients and clients.


With its 2 billion active users (almost one-quarter of the world’s population!), Facebook attracts users of all ages. But this social media site is increasingly the realm of the Baby Boomers, those ages 55 and older. This group checks Facebook more often than the other generations and many older users use this platform exclusively. Don’t forget that Boomers controls a huge 70% of disposable income in the U.S. – now that’s buying power! Here’s another important takeaway – Baby Boomers take action, which means that most of them will want more information and will visit your practice’s website.


With a 280-character limit, creating tweets is quick and easy. Generations X and Millennials (together ages 25-53) comprise the bulk of Twitter users. This group wants to get news and marketing messages in small sound bites. You have just a brief amount of content to impress a Twitter user enough to entice them to learn more about your practice.


In popularity, Instagram ranks as #6 with a billion users. Although more than 70% of Instagram users are under age 35 (Millennials), the platform is growing in popularity for those who are older. Instagram is for showcasing photos and video, while Facebook is for sharing and networking with friends. Make quick hits work with eye-catching images and photos.


Just about everyone enjoys and benefits from instructional YouTube videos, although their device of choice varies widely. Millennials prefer computers and smartphones for video content, while Baby Boomers are still wedded to their televisions. No matter how they watch, the important point is that video is king and can best showcase your expertise and the service capabilities of your practice.


Millennials love Snapchat for its on-demand content that lets users tune in and tune out. The readers are in control of what they see, unlike the Facebook news feed that must scroll by. With Snapchat, the camera itself is the communication tool and that appeals to this generation. There is no timeline in this platform and messages disappear shortly after they are opened – but the messages stay in the Inbox until then.

For broad coverage of multiple generations, market your practice on multiple sites – but don’t spread yourself too thinly. If you are starting out, focus on the platform that best suits your targeted audience.

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