NAP Is Important – and We Don’t Mean a Snooze!

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August 31, 2017
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September 14, 2017
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NAP Is Important – and We Don’t Mean a Snooze!

Today Local Listings are a must have when it comes to improving your business’s ability to get found on internet searches. To understand this, you must know about N.A.P.

What is N.A.P.? In internet slang it could mean Not A Problem. However, in search engine optimization (SEO) terms, NAP is an acronym that stands for Name, Address and Phone number. Sound simple? It’s a basic concept but it has huge implications on how your business is ranked by the major search engines.

Valid Citations Drive Online Authority

Every mention of your business on the internet is a citation. There doesn’t even have to be a link to your website. Just think of the hundreds of ways your company name can appear – here are just a few:

  • Your website
  • Your blogs
  • Social media
  • Online phone directory
  • Yelp and other local directories
  • Chamber of Commerce listing
  • Industry association
  • Charity sponsor
  • Angie’s List
  • County business index
  • Business partners


The list goes on and on. And here’s what’s important: Search engines like Google use citations to rank your website in a user search. The more valid citations you have, the higher your business will rank in a local search. A higher ranking means more website visitors.

But here’s the catch: Citations are only valid if they exactly match your business name along with address and phone number. If the name is off just a bit – think “Central Foot Doctor” vs. “Central Foot Doctors” – no match, so no citation. If your phone number appears on your website as “123-456-7890” but citations show “(123) 456-7890” – no match.

Don’t Be Caught “NAPing”

Most often, there are many inconsistencies with business listings as this information is automatically picked up by directories from an array of sources on the web including outdated information. Inconsistent business location information across online directories, maps, apps, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines costs you real business.

We at Blue Orchid Marketing offer our Local Listings service that will claim all your local listings in 70 online directories, optimize these listings, correct business citation errors, employ a suppression filter on incorrect listings and provide monthly ongoing review and management. Investing in Local Listings services will pay in increased citations which means higher ranking in local search engine results – which means more visitors to your website!

Ask Us About Our Unique Marketing System

Blue Orchid Marketing offers custom-written marketing elements designed to increase your bottom line. We also focus on external marketing by placing your practice on more than 70 local online directories and writing weekly custom blogs and social media posts to ensure your practice is found on internet searches. That’s more than 40 posts a month … it’s a service you need to stay competitive!

Need a web site? Live chat? Adwords? We have the solution!

To learn how our internal marketing solutions can put money in your pocket and our internet presence solutions and web sites can help you to attract new patients and clients, please call us at 203-746-5901ask for David – or send an email to We’ll create a package that’s right for you!