Need Inspiration? Here Are 17 Content Ideas for Your Marketing Blog

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July 18, 2019
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Need Inspiration? Here Are 17 Content Ideas for Your Marketing Blog

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Uh oh – your blog posting date is coming up and you have no topic ideas. Where to turn?

If you have been using a content calendar, you can scan back and review your previous topics. Get in the habit of jotting down topics as they come to you, whether on a spreadsheet, your smartphone or the back of a business card!

Here are 17 content ideas that can be applied to any industry:

  1. Track the news. Have you caught any recent news item that interests you and is relevant to your practice? For example, foot injuries that kept players out of Wimbledon competition.
  2. Follow industry trends. Any news for your particular field that would be exciting to share with readers?
  3. Create a David Letterman “Top Ten.” How about “Top Ten Tooth Fairy Rules for Good Pediatric Dental Health” or “Our Top Ten Safety Tips for Summer Travel”?
  4. Poll your staff for frequently-asked questions by your patients or clients, then write about one or more.
  5. Want to reuse a popular topic? Just rewrite it – instead of “5 Best Tips for Choosing Comfortable Sandals,” spin it as “Myths of Sandal Shopping” or “The Best Sandals for Your Foot Health – True or False.”
  6. Invite guest writers. A local sports shoe store owner could guest-write a blog on choosing the best running shoes or how to survive city running.
  7. Recycle old newsletter articles into blog posts – and vice versa.
  8. Poll your readers on a timely and relevant topic and publish the results.
  9. Go local – for something different, highlight a local business or attraction like an old movie theater, an ice cream store or quirky museum. Ask your readers for their reviews.
  10. Excerpt your eBook in a blog, and then offer a download of the whole book.
  11. Interview a staff member. Ask them what they love about their job and their clients or patients. Describe how their duties help your clients or patients.
  12. Drill down to sub-topics. For example, from “Heel Pain” you can create separate blogs on “Preventing Heel Pain,” “Heel Pain Do’s and Don’ts,” “How Orthotics Can Ease Heel Pain,” “Heel Spurs” and “How to Treat Pediatric Heel Pain.”
  13. Write beginner’s guides such as “A Beginner’s Guide to Teen Acne.”
  14. Relate an idea or quote that a reader left on your blog post and expand on it.
  15. Review a book that you like that relates to your practice.
  16. Make fun of yourself by finding some lawyer or doctor jokes. Or, on the other hand, fill your blog with inspirational quotes.
  17. Think of a broad topic like auto accidents and include links to all your related articles such as rear-end collisions, how to handle medical bills, stay away from social media, wrong-way accidents and TBIs.

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