Newsletters: Valuable Marketing Tools Especially for Service Providers

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October 20, 2016
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November 2, 2016
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Newsletters: Valuable Marketing Tools Especially for Service Providers

In our digital marketing world, social media seems to demand center stage. But for service providers, content is still king.

Your customers tend to prefer communications with a more proper feeling with few gimmicks. Your readers look to you for quality, educational content. For these reasons, e-newsletters are still alive and well in delivering relevant and effective messages to your patients and clients.

Newsletters of good quality still work for service providers because:

You nurture relationships. Your audience for a newsletter is past, current or potential clients or patients. Repeat contact with this customer base while delivering quality content builds and reinforces relationships and can help your practice grow through referrals. It’s easy for a reader to click on “Forward” and share your good words.

You educate your audience. You are subject matter experts who are eager to share helpful information with your readers. Your newsletters are not full of hard-sell talk. Educational newsletters help to build relationships and can impact service provider choice.

You develop credibility as an authority. A reader can absorb material about, for example, sports-related foot injuries or Social Security Disability appeals without needing the material at that moment. However, you will have established yourself as an authority on related topics and your name will resonate with the reader when a future need arises.

You demonstrate reliability. Readers begin to anticipate your e-newsletters with the wealth of practical information that you share. A monthly newsletter will not overwhelm their inboxes but will create anticipation for each issue.

You’re going with a cost-effective product. Compared with many other types of digital and traditional marketing, creating and distributing an e-newsletter is quick and low-cost. Whether you produce it yourself or ask us to do it for you, the rewards are great at minimal cost.

You build a library of quality articles. Your newsletter articles can see new life as blogs, social media posts and e-blasts. Write it once and use it many times for extra efficiencies of cost and effort. Combine several related topics and publish an e-brochure – print a few to have available at your office.

E-Newsletters Are Just One Part of Our Unique Marketing Systems

Blue Orchid Marketing offers custom-written marketing communications including e-newsletters designed for your internal marketing needs. Our newest product offering, practiceXeleration, focuses on external marketing by placing your practice on more than 69 local directories and creates weekly custom blogs and social media posts to ensure your practice is found on internet searches. It’s a service you need to stay competitive.

To learn about our internal marketing solutions (email drip campaigns, e-books, e-blasts, recall campaigns, e-newsletters, birthday and holiday e-cards and Virtual Assistants) and external marketing solutions from practiceXeleration, please call us at 203-746-5901ask for David – or send an email to