The Power of Social Media: Two Sports Powerhouses Share their Thoughts

August 2017
August 16, 2017
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August 24, 2017
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The Power of Social Media: Two Sports Powerhouses Share their Thoughts

What do Damian Lillard, point guard for the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, and Terrelle Pryor, NFL Washington Redskins’ wide receiver, have in common?


Both of these star athletes acknowledge the power of social media, not only for furthering their careers but also to connect with and inspire their fans.


Damian Lillard Uses Social Media To Expand His Own Brand


Damian Lillard understands the power of social media as a tool to grow his brand and to allow the fans to know him as a real person. As he explained in an interview in, the fans want real insight into his life. Candid social media postings allow his fans to see him as a genuine person and help to establish his reputation as someone to trust.


Rather than pitching marketing blurbs at his fans, Lillard believes in inviting his readers to be a part of something – about making connections and giving them more insight into an athlete’s life.


Lillard’s agent Eric Goodwin sums it up nicely: “He understands the value of connecting with fans in authentic ways and there is no better way to do that today than through social media.”


How are you connecting with your social media followers?


Terrelle Pryor Shares His Work Ethic on Social Media


Terrelle Pryor uses his social media platforms to let his fans in on his workout routines along with the recover process, with the goal of inspiring young athletes.


In a Washington Post interview, Pryor shared that he understands how today’s kids are working through poverty and other difficult circumstances to find a way out. Because kids are always on social media, he knows that it’s a great way to connect and show them the benefits of hard work.


This summer, Pryor shared his workouts with his followers as well as a peek inside the team hotel. A recent transfer to the wide receiver position, the athlete works out 2-3 times every day, catching about 400 balls. Pryor believes he is connecting with fans to inspire kids to get outside to work out more and hard, and his fan feedback reflects that his message is successful.


Who are you inspiring with your social media messages?


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