Reputation Management and Local Listings: The Perfect Pairing

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October 13, 2020
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Reputation Management and Local Listings: The Perfect Pairing

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Today’s consumers have three major expectancies when searching for a business online. And that includes ease of interaction, instant gratification, and accessibility.

Today’s businesses, fortunately, have what they need to meet these expectations and further improve the relationship between consumer and brand, thanks to sites like Google and Facebook.

Sites like these enable consumers to conveniently reach businesses in a number of ways including GPS directions, click-to-call, booking capabilities, and on-demand ordering.

The power of local listings make sure that consumers can easily access the information they need in real-time, and businesses are enjoying the benefits of increased conversions because of it.

Why You Need to Manage Your Local Listings

When done effectively, management of your online brand supports growth in the following ways.

Build Trust: Listings that are accurate build trust with consumers, who are easy to lose if you have outdated or incorrect information. This data provides a seamless interaction between the brand and the potential buyer while inconsistent information creates frustrating experiences and lost opportunities.

Local SEO: When a business has consistent and accurate online information, it helps boost local business SEO, which in turn helps improve the chances of their business listing appearing in front of searchers. You need to show up on top and with a strong review presence within the Google 3 pack.

Increase Revenue: Managing local listings will ultimately lead to more revenue and help increase local business SEO, which can in turn expand your online presence. Today, customer experience is key, and delivering customer-focused experiences will provide a better chance of gaining more business than your competition. Brands are finding ways to stand out online and accurate listings are key to an easy victory.

You Need to Take Control of Your Online Reputation

By properly controlling your local listings, you form your brand’s online reputation and affect the customer journey from their initial search to purchase. Although review signals account for 20 percent of how Google ranks a business, consistency in name, address, and phone number is also a major influence.

By maintaining your online reputation together with your local listings, you elevate your business ranking, which offers better brand visibility and provides a more effective customer acquisition strategy.

We can help you monitor your reputation management and ensure that it’s working cohesively with your placement in local directories.  We can also help with SEO/SEM, Online Reputation Management, a Blogging ProgramWebsite DevelopmentDirect MailEmail Marketing – or any other marketing tools – give us a call today at 203-746-5901 or send us an email to to get started.