6 Tips for Running a Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign

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November 18, 2020
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6 Tips for Running a Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign

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If you think that text message marketing isn’t right for your business, think again! Text messaging is the most common cell phone activity. And unlike social media networks, adults and teenagers alike are using text messaging as a communication tool. Because they boast a 98% open rate, texting is a highly effective marketing strategy for most businesses.

Here are 6 tips for running an effective and successful text message marketing campaign.

  1. Request permission before texting. Before beginning a new campaign, you need to have customers subscribe to your messages. It’s against the law to text new and existing customers without permission. It has the aspect of spam and makes a business appear questionable. Instead, have customers opt-in to your text messages by signing up through a form on your website or texting a code to a specific number.
  2. Establish a reasonable goal. There are several different goals a business can attain with text message campaigns. These goals can include promoting a new contest, increasing overall exposure, or boosting event sign-ups. Regardless of what a business is attempting to accomplish, the goal needs to be definable and measurable.
  3. Create a call to action that anyone can understand. Undoubtedly the most important aspect of writing a call to action is to create one that everyone can understand. Any subscriber receiving your text messages should understand what their next step should be and what action they need to take.
  4. Keep short and sweet. It’s best to keep the text message short and sweet. Most text campaigns should contain an online promo code, the URL, a keyword, and/or a short code to text back. Make these as easy as possible so users can react quickly and enter the necessary information to continue.
  5. Don’t over-text. If you send out too many text messages, it can become annoying and cause you to lose followers. A good thing to keep in mind is to only text subscribers when you have something important to share. If unsure how often or how little to send text messages, try to stick to 2 to 4 times a month as a rule.
  6. Text during appropriate hours. Always schedule text messages to be sent at appropriate times that are sensible for both your demographic and your business. This means sending text messages during normal business hours and not too early in the morning or late at night.

Learn how text message marketing can help get your news out!

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