SEO FAQs – A Refresher

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July 25, 2019
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SEO FAQs – A Refresher

It’s vital that your B2C digital marketing strategy must contain an appealing CTA, or else you will not get the CR that you expect as an ROI and your BR will be too high.

Oops – sorry! We slipped into digital marketing acronym-speak for a moment. What the above says is that your business-to-consumer digital marketing strategy must contain an appealing call to action, or else you will not get the conversion rate that you expect as a return on investment and your bounce rate will be too high.

Acronyms abound in the digital marketing world, and one of the most important is SEO or search engine optimization. Now is a great time to refresh yourself on SEO, as this important process helps to drive traffic to your website using natural or organic search engine results.

SEO FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is SEO? SEO, or search engine optimization, is the attempt to get a web page to rank higher in a search engine’s results to increase organic (not paid) traffic.
  • Is SEO still relevant? Most definitely yes! SEO is cost-effective and allows your potential patients or clients to find you naturally, instead of via paid search. SEO influences today’s search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and they are not going anywhere.
  • What’s ahead for SEO? One application that is growing rapidly is voice search such as through Amazon ECHO or Google Assistant. The shift toward mobile also continues to grow at a rapid pace.
  • What else helps SEO besides my website content? Each piece of digital content that you create helps rank target keywords related to your practice. This includes blogs, social media posts, and e-newsletters.
  • How can I increase SEO for my website? Publish quality content – it’s the #1 driver of search engine rankings. Include natural keyword phrases but don’t over-stuff them. A word of caution – write for the reader, not for the search engines. Update your content regularly by adding new blogs. Use descriptive links rather than “click here.”

There are dozens of techniques to increase SEO – and therefore website traffic – and therefore conversions. We are the experts in search engine optimization and can drive your results up to make your brand more visible.

Ask Us About Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

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