Smippets – Social Media Snippets From Basketball and Hockey to Chicken Sandwiches

October 2019
October 30, 2019
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November 11, 2019
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Smippets – Social Media Snippets From Basketball and Hockey to Chicken Sandwiches


NBA Superstar Responds to All Tweets

You may find it burdensome to reply to your patient or client social media comments or questions, but this Brooklyn Nets forward doesn’t.

Kevin Durant embraces social media, specifically Twitter, as a way to connect with both fans and critics. Even with 17.9 million Twitter followers, Durant responds to nearly every follower. He sees the value of interacting with fans and even trolls, those who post inflammatory comments, as a way to stay connected with fans and critics alike.

Lesson learned: Social media followers who comment or ask questions appreciate quick responses. Show that you care about potential customers by replying to tweets and other social media postings.

Chicken Sandwich Wars

Popeyes’ recent new chicken sandwich launch had customers lining up around the block and causing traffic congestion. Why? Because of social media.

Popeyes rolled out the new menu item on Twitter, but it took a tweet from a competitor to ramp up the excitement. Chick-fil-A, which is three times bigger than Popeyes, responded to the launch with a tweet reminding its followers that its chicken sandwich is the “original.” Popeyes’ response, now part of social media marketing lore, was short and sweet: “… y’all good?” Their franchises quickly ran out of the item and the chicken sandwich wars were on.

Lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of social media! Has a fan or competitor posted a comment that you could use to boost the visibility of your practice?

From Finland to Pittsburgh – Penguin Goalie Sees Humor in His Transition

Rookie Penguin goaltender Emil Larmi puts lots of fun in his social media posts. Freshly arrived in Pittsburgh from a Finland team, he has embraced the U.S. and his new home town.

Larmi adds a personal touch to social media when he describes his traveling adventures called “Life in North America.” From just making a flight after airport confusion to an Uber driver who put tape over a “check engine” light, the goalie sees humor in everyday encounters. His postings get overwhelmingly positive reactions from Penguin fans and his teammates. Larmi calls it “karma” in that by doing good things, you will get good things back.

Lesson learned: Get personal! Show your personality and some of your home life in your social media postings. Also, a touch of humor never hurts! Did you have a funny encounter with a medical supplier or did something unexpected and hilarious happen in your office? Share it!

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