How Social Media Impacts Your SEO

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How Social Media Impacts Your SEO

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There’s been an ongoing discussion about the impact of social media on a website’s search standings. In the debate, the main issue is whether or not social media directly affects your SEO.

6 Important Facts About Social Media and How It Impacts Your SEO

  1. It Drives Traffic: When a lot of people share your content within their networks, it directs more traffic to your website, thereby boosting your rankings.
  2. Profiles Rank Higher in Search Engines Results: Your social media profiles also rank in search engine results. In fact, they are highly visible in search results, typically showing up on the first page. This means your brand can increase your search engine visibility and drive more traffic to your site by creating and optimizing social media profiles.
  3. Extends Your Content Reach: Social media is an excellent vehicle to guarantee your content reaches as many people as possible. On social media, you’ll be getting your information in front of people who didn’t even realize that they needed it. And better content reach converts into high-quality traffic which impacts your rankings.
  4. Your Social Media Platforms are Actually Search Engines: Visitors don’t only use search engines to research things – they also serve as valuable search engines on their own. Some people may discover your profile, page, or content through a social platform search. That’s why you need to optimize your social networks and content with relevant keywords to boost your visibility.
  5. Helps Your Local SEO: As you probably know, the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your business plays an important role in local search rankings. With consistent NAP information across all of your website and listings, Google will recognize your business as being more credible. And that can enhance your rankings in local search results.
  6. YouTube SEO: These videos tend to get prominent rankings in search engine results. In many cases, relevant and popular YouTube videos will be the first to show up for certain searches. This makes it essential to optimize your YouTube channel and videos for SEO.

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