Social Media Topic Ideas to Generate More Engagement

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Social Media Topic Ideas to Generate More Engagement

It’s one thing to use social media to update your patients and clients on things that are happening with your practice. New technology, cases won, changes to your staff… all these are newsworthy items that belong in a social media post.

These topics are mostly informational – one way – you are informing your readers about something. These don’t usually lend themselves to opening up a conversation.

But the real beauty of social media is creating relationships. Enticing your readers to engage in a two-way conversation builds interest in your brand, encourages feedback and sharing and spreads your practice name.

Topic Ideas That Build Social Media Engagement

  • Use humor. Tell a joke (know any doctor or lawyer jokes?), share a funny office story or create a relevant meme. Light-hearted content invites emotions that can be shared.
  • Ask for feedback. “What do you think about our in-house shoe store?” “How did our services help you receive your Social Security Disability benefit?”
  • Share industry or relevant news. Has your state recently tightened your distracted driving regulations? Be the first to convey this information.
  • Throw out an amazing industry statistic. “Did you know that one out of three Americans have pre-diabetes? Do you know the warning signs?”
  • Take your customers behind the scenes. Post a short video or series of photos showing your staff hard at work for your patients and clients and invite them to visit.
  • Get personal. Add a photo of you and your family on vacation or sharing a holiday, and ask your readers to post their own pics.
  • Post a favorite quote. For example, by Maya Angelou: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Does this relate to your practice and how do your readers connect to it?
  • Do a local review. Try your neighborhood ice cream shops and post your staff’s recommendations. Ask for others.
  • Ask for opinions. Throw out a real or fictional problem encountered in your practice and ask how your readers would handle it.
  • Share an intriguing blog comment. Pick one that is particularly interesting or controversial and ask your readers for suggestions on handling. Include a blog link too!
  • Ask for recommendations for services in your area. For example, a podiatrist can seek input on sports shoe stores.

What other ideas do you have to encourage conversations in your social media postings?

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