Take Advantage of Snapchat’s Unusual Features to Market Your Practice

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June 5, 2019
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Take Advantage of Snapchat’s Unusual Features to Market Your Practice

To make the most of your digital marketing dollar, you need to go where your audience is. For social media marketing, the biggest platforms in terms of the user base are Facebook and YouTube. Snapchat comes in at #17 – just behind Twitter and LinkedIn. At #17, Snapchat may not sound promising, but the platform has an impressive 255 million monthly active users and reaches 11% of the U.S. digital population.

Size is not all that counts. For maximum effectiveness, use the social media platforms that fit your audience – your patient or client demographic. Millennials, generally those who were born between 1981 and 1996, are Snapchat’s primary users.

To look at Snapchat’s advantages another way, there is less competition on this platform. Therefore your “snaps” have a greater chance of being seen than on other crowded sites. Snapchat postings are also free!

Does Snapchat Fit Your Customer Demographic?

At first, you may not consider that the age group that most often uses Snapchat – generally ages 23-38 – would fit your client or patient demographic. But you may want to rethink that, when you consider that included in this age group are:

  • Parents of young children looking for pediatric medical and dental services
  • Parents of school-age athletes in need of sports medicine providers
  • Young drivers who need distracted driving safety reinforcement
  • Parents of tweens just about to get fitted for braces
  • Pet-owners

Looking to the Future – Snapchat to Add Music Clips

Snapchat is only 8 years old and already has evolved considerably.

Snaps consist of messages, photos, videos and other images that are shared and available just for a brief time. But Snapchat is planning to enhance the user experience by adding the ability to attach music clips to snaps. This enhancement would not only put another tool in the user toolbox but also provide more exposure for artists.

With Snapchat’s current features of fun stickers, lenses, and filters that allow users to manipulate photos limited only by their imagination, you can bet that adding music clips to snaps will have many innovative personalization options.

Will Snapchat’s eye-catching photos tagged with “ear-catching” music clips help to market your practice? In today’s world of technology, the sky’s the limit!

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