Target Efficiency: Recycle Blogs as E-blasts

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August 1, 2017
August 2017
August 16, 2017
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Target Efficiency: Recycle Blogs as E-blasts

You may not realize it, but your blogs can be a rich source of material that can be re-purposed in other forms.


Any blog topic can be recycled into a one-time email campaign, or e-blast. An e-blast is an electronic communication that has content of value to the reader. This is the crucial difference between an e-blast and spam. Also, while spam is sent randomly to as many email addresses as possible, a business e-blast has a targeted audience with a common interest.


E-Blast Components


Don’t just cut and paste your blog into an e-blast format. For a quality communication, check that your e-blast has these important elements:


  • A focused marketing message. Your reader should quickly understand your intention and why your message is being sent. Without a clear purpose, the reader will promptly hit that delete button and your communication opportunity is lost.
  • An engaging subject line. Make this effective and descriptive of your topic or your reader won’t read any further.
  • Include intriguing subheadings. Modern readers scan a piece rather than reading it line by line, so catch their attention with subheadings that guide them to your content.
  • Avoid spam language. Don’t load your e-blast with typical spam phrases like “special offer” and “urgent news.” The email service may send your e-blast right to the spam folder.
  • Educate, don’t over-sell. Readers will tune out if your e-blast is loaded with sales talk. Make your content informative and of real value to the reader and be sure to use links to get them to applicable sections of your website.
  • Keep it brief. That’s exactly what an e-blast is – a quick hit with great and informative content. It should be easy to scan and have enough content to grab a reader’s interest and urge them to visit your website.
  • Include a call to action. This is a marketing piece after all! Bring the focus of your content back to your services at the end.
  • Personalize. Always address the e-blast using your contact’s name to give the reader the feeling of a personal message.
  • Images deliver. Add a visual element or graphic to catch the eye and further illustrate your point.
  • Include a professional signature at the end. Include contact information and social media links.


E-Blasts Are Just One Example of Our Unique Custom Marketing Communications


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