Texting Tips for Communicating with Customers

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July 20, 2020
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Texting Tips for Communicating with Customers


Texting has become a popular way for businesses to communicate with their customers. The trick with this type of marketing is to strike a balance between respect for boundaries and ease of communication.

Best practices for communicating via text

  • Keep your messages brief. Text messaging is effective, but only if it’s kept short. No one likes having to read a text message that’s more than a sentence or two.
  • Be personal. Text message marketing works best when the texts are personal and customized. While this may not be feasible if your customer list is very large, you can enjoy a greater return on investment from sending tailored messages to a small group of your customers compared to sending a blanket message to all of them.
  • Ensure quality content and limit frequency. People like using text messaging to engage with their preferred products and brands. But if the user feels they are receiving too many messages, it can become a frustration rather than an asset.
  • Don’t answer with just one word. Provide a good reply if your customer is texting with you. A short sentence or two is fine, but don’t send a one-word response.
  • Provide short answer options. Today, many people do not want to be interrupted by a phone call. Don’t ask detailed questions through SMS. Ask questions that have simple answers of one to three words to ensure a quicker response. If detailed information is needed, text the customer and ask for a good time to call.
  • Convey value. If you are a healthcare provider, for instance, you can text health tips to your users each day to make sure you are providing some value. Along with power comes responsibility and because they chose to opt-in with you, you must not betray that trust by spamming them. Monitor the higher response rates on surveys to ensure that you are lining up your content to what your customers expect after they signed up to receive your messages. Text messaging is a powerful tool because it has a high rate of instant readership.
  • Be sure they opt-in before you communicate with them. Customers may provide you with their cell number, but that doesn’t automatically give you the right to text them. There have been several lawsuits that came about because of text message advertising without consent. Always make sure the people you are texting have opted in first.

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