Tips To Increase the Open Rate for Your E-Newsletter

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February 12, 2016
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February 21, 2016
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Tips To Increase the Open Rate for Your E-Newsletter

Are you worried the “open rate,” or percentage of email recipients who actually open your e-newsletter, is too low? It’s important to know your industry’s average open rate to see how you’re doing:

Health Care Industry – Average Open Rate is 19%

Legal Services – Average Open Rate is 22.6%

Here are some tips to follow to persuade more of your e-newsletter recipients to open and read your content.

Use an Intriguing Subject Line

When deciding whether or not to read an email, the recipient looks at the sender’s name and the email subject line. Make sure your subject line is brief but captivating and that it hints at the newsletter’s content. You want to provoke your reader’s curiosity.

The length of your subject line is important too. If too short, it won’t pique their interest and if too long, it won’t get read. Aim for 50-70 characters including spaces.

E-Newsletter Frequency

We are all inundated with emails so don’t bombard your readers, especially if you distribute other e-communications like regular social media postings and e-blasts. Issue your e-newsletter at least monthly but no more frequently than once a week.

Be consistent – once you’ve decided on a frequency, stick with it. Send out your newsletter regularly so your customers anticipate reading it.

Use an Attractive Design and Readable Format

Create a colorful, eye-catching design with relevant photos and graphics but in moderation – don’t distract readers from your thoughtful content.

Make sure your design is mobile friendly. More than half of the people reading your newsletter are doing so on a mobile device.

Format your text sections for easy scanning. Use subheadings, short paragraphs, bullet lists and bolded fonts so the readers quickly get to the heart of your content.

A Top-Quality Document Will Reflect Your Professionalism

Proofread your content carefully so there are no typos. Make sure that any photo captions are accurate and that they match up to the correct picture.

Remember that your e-newsletter should build relationships and also establish you as a subject matter expert. Let your compelling content demonstrate that you can solve problems and fill a need for your readers.

Extra Bonus: Increase Your Website’s SEO

Remember that fresh, organic content can help boost your practice’s local search engine optimization (SEO) and push your website higher in search results. A link to your newsletter on your website guarantees that each time you issue an e-newsletter, you get points for adding new content.

Be sure to add links wherever possible to appropriate content on your website. After reading about your topic in the e-newsletter, readers will be able to click through to your website for more in-depth knowledge.

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