Try Drip Campaigns for Easy and Effective Marketing

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March 5, 2019
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Try Drip Campaigns for Easy and Effective Marketing

You may have heard of a drip campaign when researching how to market your practice. Maybe you paused and thought, “Hmmm … drip campaign … what can dripping water have to do with marketing tools?”

Drip campaigns are such easy and effective internal marketing tools that we are going to devote the next few blogs to this important method. Read on to learn what drip campaigns are and how to collect those very necessary email addresses.

What Is a Drip Campaign?

Well, there is a very good explanation of how drip campaigns got their name. A drip campaign is a series of marketing communications that are sent to customers or prospects over time. These marketing pieces, usually emails, are pre-written and intended for groups of recipients who have a common need or problem; for example auto accident injuries or unresolved heel pain.

So the name “drip campaign” is very appropriate, as the emails repeatedly deliver the message that your business can solve their problem – just like the persistent drip of the eaves during rain or of a faucet. By frequently putting your practice name in front of a potential customer, you are reinforcing the idea that your business has the right services for them.

Email Marketing Pieces Require Email Addresses

Are you collecting email addresses from your clients or patients? Although this is a good way to build a marketing database, you will only touch those who come into your office. Here are other ways to build a list of marketing emails:

  • Have electronic sign-ups everywhere like your website and social media sites.
  • Offer something valuable through your website like a coupon, a “lunch and learn” ticket on a relevant topic or an e-book.
  • Use Facebook ads.
  • Include an email sign-up link at the end of all your blogs.
  • Promote your free e-newsletter on your website.
  • Host a contest. When a reader submits their email address, enter their name in a drawing for one of your products, a discount coupon or a free ice cream cone at your favorite sweet shop.
  • Collect business cards and email addresses at in-person events. Bring along a clipboard to list email addresses for those you meet.
  • Connect your personal email to your business by including your e-newsletter sign up link in your signature.
  • Include a link to your email sign-up form in your Twitter profile.

By the way, having an email sign-up form available at your reception area may not be enough. Encourage your staff to ask callers on the phone for email addresses to add to your e-newsletter distribution list. Add a spot for an email address on new client paperwork.

Stay tuned for next week’s drip campaign topic: How to segment your email marketing list so emails from your practice will target the recipient’s problem or interest.

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