Use Demographics to Focus Your Social Media Marketing

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January 22, 2020
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Use Demographics to Focus Your Social Media Marketing


Which social media channels are your target patients or clients using? The answer to this key question can help you get more “bang for the buck” for your SM posts.

Rule #1 for any kind of marketing is to know who is in your target audience and then direct your marketing efforts toward them. If your practice is fairly narrow, this should be an easy exercise. Consider:

  • Age. Are your ideal customers senior citizens with foot problems? Parents of young children who worry about foot development? Athletes of any age? For a legal practice, are they parents of teen drivers who have been injured in an accident?
  • Geographic area. Is your practice nation-wide or do you serve your local community only? Do you have multiple offices in a broader region?
  • Current customers. How would you categorize those who have already used your services? Workers who have been injured on the job? Social Security Disability applicants? Those who have suffered sports injuries?

Numbers Talk: Use Social Media Demographics to Narrow Your Target

For social media marketing, you can direct your efforts and get more “bang for the buck.” The secret is knowing who is on which SM channel.

As an example, here is an age analysis of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users:

  • Facebook has 69% of Americans using its site, far outpacing Instagram and Snapchat. In terms of age groups, 79% of those aged 18-49 use the site, with 68% of those aged 50-64 and a respectable 46% of seniors age 65+. How do these numbers fit with your target clients or patients?
  • Instagram is rising in popularity but still trails Facebook with 63% of users using it daily. This platform definitely appeals to a younger age group as 75% of 18-24 year olds are users but then the numbers drop off precipitously with older groups. Only 8% of those older than age 65 use Instagram.
  • Twitter’s use is lower than other networks, with only 22% of adults regularly using the channel. Users favor timely content like news and customer service. Like Instagram, Twitter users tend to be younger with 38% of the 18-29 age group using this network and 28% of those ages 30-49, but only 17% of age 50-64.

Does this analysis intrigue you in terms of targeting your social media posts? We can help with further input to help define the best demographic to boost your SM brand engagement.

Let Us Manage Your Practice’s Social Media

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