Walmart Scores Big with Unusual Employee Photos on Social Media

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February 19, 2020
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Walmart Scores Big with Unusual Employee Photos on Social Media

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You don’t have to be a social media influencer to be a social media star.

Charlene, a Walmart employee in Maryland, has found a unique way to combine social media marketing with humor. Every day, Walmart posts photos of Charlene posing in her store with different sets of products or services. This may not seem groundbreaking, but the employee has a special way to communicate with her audience.

Charlene keeps the same straight face in every photo. No smile, no warm welcoming grin – in fact, Charlene looks grumpy in each shot. In today’s social media world with the inevitable glamorous celebrities, she is someone that ordinary people can identify with. Charlene is every-person!

Walmart has posed Charlene’s unsmiling face with all types of merchandise, including seasonal. Here are just a few examples:

  • Hidden amid Valentine’s Day stuffed animals
  • Peeking through a stack of all-season tires
  • At the dairy case posing with milk and cookies – with a milk mustache
  • In a shopping cart full of cabbages
  • Lounging on outdoor furniture
  • At an online grocery pickup spot
  • Cuddling in a crib complete with dog-toy pacifier
  • Relaxing under a beach umbrella with a mini-palm tree

Walmart has found a winning combination of humor, relatability and product showcasing. It’s a social media win-win!

Lesson Learned

Walmart’s “Charlene” campaign combines 2 important components of successful social media marketing: eye-catching visuals and humor.

  • Visuals, whether photos, videos, cartoons or graphics, really make social media posts, blogs and any digital marketing piece stand out. “A picture is worth a thousand words!” The reader’s eye is naturally attracted to an image and images help to break up blocks of text. Try adding photos to your blogs and postings, either stock photos that pertain to your topic or images of your office technology and treatments.
  • Not every topic can be humorous, of course. But finding ways to add a touch of humor can help your audience relate to you and your business. Let your readers see your human side with a funny photo of your staff wearing Halloween costumes, for example, or you wrestling with your favorite pet.

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