When Is the Last Time You Looked? Put on a User Hat and Audit Your Website

November 2019
November 22, 2019
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December 3, 2019
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When Is the Last Time You Looked? Put on a User Hat and Audit Your Website

How effective is your website when it comes to attracting a reader and giving them value – and converting them to patients or clients?

One easy way to “guesstimate” the answer to this question is to do a website audit. For this exercise, you or a staff member will look at your site from the readers point of view.

If you haven’t studied your website for content quality, ease of navigation and effectiveness, now is a great time to review your “face” on the internet.

Focus on these categories:

  • Content. Each page – especially the homepage – should clearly describe its purpose. Does your homepage quickly and accurately depict your industry and briefly describe your services? Is there a compelling image to reinforce your message? Are the landing pages for major topics clearly labeled and is the content pertinent to that topic? Is the content consistently refreshed and updated? Do your blog posts have intriguing titles? Do you see any grammar or spelling mistakes? This is a sign of sloppiness at best or unprofessionalism at the worst. Are large blocks of text broken up with subheadings, bullets and numbered lists to make it easy for the reader to scan through?
  • User-friendly. Is your website configured for mobile devices? Is it responsive so that it loads quickly? Can readers easily find information via your navigation cues? Name the top 3 things that your readers come to your website for: Can they be found easily?
  • Design. Is your format appealing including headers, font, background image or color? Are your pages easy on the eyes? Does the design align well with your brand such as your logo? Does each image, whether photo, video, graph or other type, fit appropriately with the content of the page?
  • Effectiveness. Does your purpose for each page match its content? Are there calls-to-action on each page that are easy to follow so an interested reader can make an appointment, join your email marketing list, download an e-book or request a special offer?

The success of your website also relies on other evaluations that are more technical but essential. These include marketing goals (is your website aligned to your overall goals and your other digital marketing efforts?), measurements (how many leads are you generating through your website based on progress reports and metrics?), security (what is your technical support and maintenance set-up and is your website performing as well as it should?) and SEO or search engine optimization (are you doing all you can to drive traffic to your website by boosting search engine results?)

Let our expert web developers and creative content writers address any concerns that you have after your audit. An efficient, effective and eye-catching website should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing plan. Let us help!

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