Why Blogging is Still Important for Your Business

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June 3, 2020
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June 15, 2020
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Why Blogging is Still Important for Your Business


There is some discussion today about whether or not blogging is still important in today’s social media marketing setting. Regardless if you are a multinational company or a small business, blogging is essential to your content marketing strategy online.

4 reasons why blogging is still important for your business:

  1. Increase your SEO performance. Blogs elevate your SEO, and fresh, new content is still key to beating out your competitors in search engine results pages. Prepare a list of the keywords, categories, and topics that you want your business to be associated with and use them when composing your posts. Blogging about your business and what it offers will naturally increase your online search keywords.
  2. Drive traffic to your website. Your blog provides you with an opportunity to create content your customers will love and drive traffic back to your site, so make it the foundation for all of your social media platforms. Give your online followers a solid reason to click through to your website.
  3. Nurture better customer relationships. A blog can provide another source to nurture the connection you have with your customers. By connecting on your website, your customers can get to know your product or business better. Build their trust by being a source of information. Keep in mind that consumers like to be informed and educated and appreciate that you’re taking the time to teach them. Be sure to respond to comments and interact with your consumer to further nurture the relationship.
  4. Position your brand as the leader in your industry. Blogs that are well-written position your business as an industry leader. When you post topics that resonate with your market and authenticate your knowledge, you are also marketing your skills for your business, service, or product. You are also building trust; in fact, the more you can prove that you’re the leader in your field, the more likely it is that consumers will trust you to provide them what they need.

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