Why Websites are Today’s New Storefront

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Why Websites are Today’s New Storefront


If you’re a business owner who has a physical location, you probably put a lot of love and care into your storefront. That includes carefully choosing everything from your outdoor signage to decor and paint color to make sure it all works together to represent the image you want to show the world.

But how often do you consider that you need to do the same with your website?

Take a good look at your website – look at it on your smartphone, a laptop, and a tablet. View it on your large computer screen. Try visiting the site yourself – is it easy to navigate, simple to create an account, or find what you need?

Your site should be simple to navigate and search, easy to use, and provide all the information your customer possibly needs to complete their purchase.

Why your website needs careful planning

This may seem overwhelming, but just think of it all this way. Just as you spent attention and time on what your physical location looks like, you need to dedicate the same to your online space.

Even if you don’t sell a lot of products (or any) on your website, consumers today are spending much more time researching businesses before they go into a physical store or office. You have to convince them to move from researching your business online to visiting you in person.

In addition to making your site easy to navigate, it should also match the branding of your business. A lot of businesses have names that aren’t that unique, and you don’t want someone getting confused about whether or not it’s your company.

Doing that is quite easy. Simply use your branded colors throughout your website pages and include comparable design features from your print pieces into your website design. If you have a clear theme in your business, determine how you can carry it over into your site.

If you’re concerned about how this can affect you, the best thing you can do is start right now – ask family, friends, and frequent customers to provide feedback on your site. Test it yourself and see if/where there may be kinks to correct.

Not sure what your first step should be? We can help! 

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